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Bitumat Manufacturing Complex

BITUMAT manufacturing facilities are sprawled over an area of over 100,000 square meters and it cradles one of the best equipped and manned laboratories and roofing academy in the waterproofing world

Millions of square meters have been installed over thousands of projects around the world.

Bitumat was founded in 1984 but its roots go back to 1975 when the founders became involved in the roofing waterproofing industry as dealer and applicator in Saudi Arabia for a major manufacturer from the U.S.A.

The founders’ vast experience in the industry was the motivator behind the concept of backward integration of becoming a manufacturer as well as an applicator.

The knowledge and experience with American and European manufacturers and products led to its choice of the most cost effective modern roofing / waterproofing technology . . . modified bitumen.

Their vast knowledge based on practical experience and meticulous research led the founders also to the best sources of modified bitumen technology, machinery, raw material and formulation.

BITUMAT manufacturing complex is one of the largest in the world that includes four membrane lines, one waterstop line, one tape line.

Additionally, there are three oxidation blowing columns, one coating factory, emulsions and construction chemicals factory.


BITUMAT exports to the GCC and the Far East contributed nearly half the turnover by the late eighties. Available capacity soon became a constraint, leading to a phased expansion, which have enhanced the original capacity by more than five times. Encouraged by its success in waterproofing, Bitumen diversified into building chemicals and adhesives.  

BITUMAT exports activities cover more than 50 countries around the world. BITUMAT has a well-established distributor network in the Gulf, Middle East, Asia, Far East, Africa, North Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

For more information about BITUMAT Exports contact

            Tel: 00966-3-8121210 / 8121213

            Fax: 00966-38121190 / 8121905

Customers Intimacy

BITUMAT's Philosophy of Customer Intimacy and satisfaction has been the secret of its success!

Bitumat's efforts to establish long term lasting, strong relationship is a testimonial to a long term committment to our markets. All this is because of the complete mutual faith that exist between the company and the clients.

Bitumat is a Customer Intimate Company that discovers how to provide complete viable solutions to the customers' needs. Bitumat has established a network of sales and distributors offices across the world to cater to the needs of the customers. Ease of effective communication and swift and efficient service to the clients is the priority which prompted Bitumat to back its sales team with efficient, fully integrated computer network and three independent offices, each with a team of professionals who specialize in waterproofing, across Saudi Arabia. This is designed to ensure maximum reach in all the provinces. An independent Export Sales Office with a large fleet of Regional Export Executives cater to the needs of the various regions across the world.

Bitumat builds a relationship of indispensable partners where each plays a vital and positive role for success. Bitumat boasts of dealers who have worked with the company for over fifteen years...at a stretch!

Whether it be in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) or Bahrain, U.A.E or Australia, Malaysia, Egypt or Costa Rica, the relationship built is really long lasting. Bitumat offers a win-win situation in the relationship with the clients. Together, the two build a new mind set, a new way of doing business.

Complying with International Test Methods

The process of converting raw material to a properly harmonized bituminous compound requires professional knows how and involves a lot of scrutiny and control.

Right from the input stage all raw materials a carefully tested to ensure that they conform to the desired international specifications.

The BITUMAT lab is managed by experts who have been in the industry for more than 27 years and is equipped with the state-of-the art experimental apparatuses, which help us maintain quality standards for our products, according to internationally recognized test methods.

Interactive Seminars

As part of its' committment to enhance quality of manpower in the field of waterproofing, Bitumat has embarked on a very specialized campaign of Inter-active Seminars Worldwide.

A specialized team of Bitumat Professionals share an interactive session with the delegates where emperical data is shared and analysed.

Information is diseminated and discussed vis-a-vis the latest Roofing Practices and the material used around the world.

Seminars are specially tailored for each segment ie. the information provided is specialized keeping in mind the requirements of that segment. Thus when addressing a group of specifiers, we provide information relevant when drawing specifications.

Our seminars team has covered almost all the relevant continents.

A Range That Suits All Waterproofing Needs

BITUMAT offers a complete range of roofing and sub-grade waterproofing products, which are applicable to all common types of surfaces.  BITUMAT membranes, with their supreme performance, are designed to meet the stringent specifications of critical applications. They are tailor made to provide long lasting protection to buildings, roads and bridges.

BITUMAT membranes differ in reinforcements and compound composition.

Each of them provides specific technical properties to meet each different application. They are produced in various thickness and finishes, which varies from smooth black to colored granular slates. This range includes APP modified, polymer modified, SBS modified waterproofing membrane and Oxidized membranes.

BITUMAT also manufactures a wide range of protective coatings created to complement the integral waterproofing system provided by BITUMAT membranes.  This special range of bituminous coatings includes primers, fibered and non-fibered protective coatings for foundation damp proofing. Environment friendly waterproofing emulsions, flashing compounds, crack sealing compounds. In its Construction Chemicals plant BITUMAT manufactures PVA base bonding agents, sand stabilizers, and waterproofing PVA coatings for horizontal and vertical applications.

Providing Waterproofing Solutions

BITUMAT offers roofing and waterproofing membranes that serve all protection purposes on the most common types of roofs. BITUMAT membranes can be applied on nailable decks, non-nailable decks.   BITUMAT membranes may be fully torched or loose laid on decks. They can be mechanically fixed or even spot bonded depending on the project's requirements and the purpose of the roof assembly. BITUMAT membranes can be easily nailed to various types of nailable decks such as wood planks, lumber sheathing, plywood sheathing and LWFC . Membranes can be secured to decks with approved fasteners.

BITUMAT membranes are installed on steel decks and fluted metal decks protecting warehouses, factories and workshops. This provides extra protection to the roof and permanent protection against various weathering conditions and UV detrimental effects.


Waterproofing concrete decks is essential to protect them against water leakage into the building structure. Weak points at joints are vulnerable unless properly protected with a watertight system.

BITUMAT offers various membranes that can offer long term protection for roofs and can be part of a coherent roof assembly.

The Projects

Bitumat products have been applied worldwide ranging from the prestigious Makkah Housing Project, the Ministry of Interior Building, numerous hospitals and other buildings in Saudi Arabia, NHA Housing, Kuwait, Sultan Qabboos Mosque in Oman, U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain and the entire Middle East to large housing projects in Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore Harbor Project and in Latin American countries and the famous Sydney Tunnel in Australia.

Our project references a history of success. Whether it is the application in Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Morocco or Zambia, the products have stood the test of time and the elements of nature.

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